Our pavilion

The Luxembourg Pavilion at EXPO 2017 ASTANA is the result of a public private partnership between the Ministry of the Economy and the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce.
Diamond partner ERG and gold partners Arendt & Medernach, Jan De Nul, RCB Bank and SES are the sponsors of the pavilion which displays four important initiatives of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg closely linked to the expo theme “Future Energy”.

The SpaceResources area showcases the latest economic diversification effort by the Luxembourg Government seeking the peaceful exploration and sustainable utilization of space resources for the benefit of humankind.

Most recently, this audacious ambition has taken an even more impressive turn when Luxembourg proclaimed that it aims to become a major player in the management and use of space resources. This compelling topic will be featured during the 2020 Universal Exposition in Dubai, which runs under the theme of „Connecting Minds, Creating the Future“.

The Third Industrial Revolution “island” informs about the long-term economic model in which three technologies converge: new information and communication technologies, new sources of energy, and new modes of transportation.

The country has embraced Jeremy Rifkin’s blueprint for a third industrial revolution designed to ensure a resilient and sustainable economy, by 2050, based on a fully interconnected ecosystem.

The nine pillars for Luxembourg‘s Third Industrial Revolution are presented by pedestals detailling the subjects into state of play, opportunities and a glance through the peephole will reveal the vision.

The Smart Energy Nation Lab provides a concrete example of how Luxembourg is ideally suited to assume the role of a life-size laboratory in order to test innovative and smart ideas on a national scale.
Certain products and services have already been developed to support the long term goals of the national energy strategy.
An interactive map demonstrates Luxembourg‘s concepts of smart district, smart grid and smart home.
The „My AAA app“ can be tested or downloaded on-site. The app provides a concrete example of how a smart home works.

The last pillar presents Luxembourg’s financial centre as the primary centre for the listing of green bonds and the leading European hub for impact funds. The Luxembourg for Finance area shows how Luxembourg’s financial centre can assist companies, government agencies, and investors around the world with meeting their own sustainable development targets.

Committing financial resources to future-oriented projects? Today more than ever, the state is investing and innovating in public projects and infrastructure, often in collaboration with the private sector.
Social cohesion? At the World Economic Forum in Davos, the Grand Duchy has been lauded as the world’s second most inclusive economy.

In today’s hectic world we sometimes need to relax and re-energise ourselves. For this propose, Luxembourg offers a vast range of wonderful sceneries and landscapes. The pavilion includes a chill-out zone where visitors can experience some of the touristic highlights and literally immerge themselves into them. Besides the idyllic landscapes shown on the screens the visitors also have the posibility to reload their mobile devices.