Kazakhstan & Astana

Kazakhstan is located in the centre of the Eurasian continent. Its territory is as large as 2 million 724,9 thousand square kilometers and accordingly it occupies the ninth place in the world by its size. In the North and West the republic has common borders with Russia, in the East with China, in the South with Kyrgyzstan, with Uzbekistan and with Turkmenistan. Besides that, there are two midland seas in its territory – the Caspian and Aral. Kazakhstan is the largest country in the world that has no direct access to the World ocean.

The stable growth of all branches of the economy, the international recognition, the political stability serve as a basis for prosperity of the Kazakhstani society. Kazakhstan is a country that aspires to the future, honors its cultural traditions and successfully realizes the huge creative potential in the modern highly-competitive world.
Astana is Asia’s northernmost capital. Due to its convenient location in the centre of Eurasia, Astana is an economically profitable transport, communication and logistics hub. It functions as a bridge between Europe and Asia. The city is famous for its modern architecture, including some designed by leading architects such as Norman Foster and Kisho Kurokawa.

Since becoming the capital of Kazakhstan in 1997, Astana’s population has tripled, reaching 1 million citizens. The city is preparing to host a number of global events, including Expo 2017 Astana and the 2017 summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO).