Expo Astana 2017

From June 10, 2017 until September 10, 2017, the International Exposition – Spezialised Expo will take place in Astana, Kazakhstan. More than 5 million visitors are expected.

Some 110 countries and international organisations will present their ideas and solutions relating to the exposition’s chosen theme “Future Energy”. This, along with the three subthemes – Reducing CO2 Emissions, Living Energy Efficiency, and Energy for All – will allow the Expo to present the state of energy today and to showcase sustainable solutions and innovative technologies.

The site of Expo 2017 Astana was conceived with the theme at its heart, giving all visitors the opportunity to discover “Future Energy” both inside and outside the pavilions. The Expo will showcase the theme through interactive and educational exhibits in thematic and international pavilions, and by fostering intellectual debate and creativity through the Future Energy Forum.

Forecasted key data

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Expo Site
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