Xavier Bettel and Étienne Schneider at the opening of the Expo 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan

From 9th to 11th of June, the Prime Minister, Minister of State, Xavier Bettel, and the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the economy, Étienne Schneider, will be staying in Astana, the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in order to attend the official opening of the international exposition EXPO-2017 which takes place from 10th of June to 10th of September 2017. They will be accompanied by a business delegation from the Chamber of Commerce of some thirty representatives of Luxembourg companies.


Over the course of three months, an expected 5 million visitors will be able to explore the pavilions of the 115 participating countries and international organisations, including the Grand-Duchy’s pavilion. The EXPO-2017’s theme “Future Energy: Action for Global Sustainability” matches the government’s aim to promote sustainable development as well as innovation and research within the ecotechnology sector.


Designed by the Ministry of the economy in close collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce, myEnergy and the private sector, the Luxembourg pavilion, which extends over a surface of 250 m2, portrays the Grand-Duchy as forerunner in the implementation of a new economic model based on a convergence of information and communication technologies, energy and transport within a smart grid. The stand displays both the current state as well as the country’s evolution towards a “smart” nation pursuing the measures identified during the elaboration process of the “Third Industrial Revolution – Lëtzebuerg”. Moreover, visitors are invited to discover Luxembourg’s visionary flagship project, i.e. the Spaceresources.lu initiative.


Developed in accordance with the graphic charter of the country’s signature “Luxembourg – Let’s make it happen” by the company Format, the Luxembourg pavilion is predominantly financed by the private sector, in particular by the Eurasian Resources Group, by SES, Arendt & Medernach, Jan de Nul Group and RCB.


In parallel to the EXPO-2017, Xavier Bettel and Étienne Schneider will attend bilateral meetings with the members of the Kazakh government.


Press release by: Ministry of State / Ministry of the economy